Your pre-schooler might be young, but his or her time is already precious. At this juncture, your child is gradually trading in his or her play time for classroom lessons, which means that he or she is challenged with adapting to both an education system as well as to new foreign environments. However, enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore have been proven to impart skills, pearls of wisdom and values that a child retains for the rest of his or her life, so choosing the right classes is of paramount importance.

A childs instinct is to play, which is active and liberal learning, but he or she might be less inclined to enjoy classroom lessons, whose rigid structures are less likely to appeal to young minds. The perfect solution to this dilemma is enrolling ones pre-schooler in engaging classes where he or she can enjoy open-ended learning. Here are five types of English enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore that might entice your child with both their elements of fun as well as their inviting natures:

Reading workshops

The ultimate springboard for pre-schoolers, reading workshops not only prepare their participants for primary or elementary school, but they also cultivate better reading prowess within young minds. The depth of our reading skills is largely shaped in our childhood, which influences our negotiation of tasks and triumphs for the rest of our lives. Is your child reading effectively and efficiently? Ones reading skill and ones writing proficiency, which the former of which inevitably determines the latter, are both continually crucial throughout an individuals education and career. You can develop in your pre-schooler good grammar, comprehension and storytelling skills, articulation and most importantly, a love for reading through a preschool enrichment course.

Writing workshops

Not just any writing workshop, but a comprehensive English enrichment class for kids that incorporates creative writing can do wonders for your pre-schooler. While good writing skills can help your child effectively engage target readers, be it in a pivotal examination or a college application, they also improve a persons emotional intelligence when engaging others in conversation. Most vitally, opt for a writing class that stirs a childs imagination. Good writing comprises of numerous skills and is a lifelong work-in-progress (take it from this writer), so give your pre-schooler an early head start and the most enjoyable start possible, so that he or she will associate writing with joy.


Acting is a passion that needs to be tried to be uncovered. Pre-schoolers have been observed to develop a positive self-image, as well as a deeper respect for others and themselves, as a result of attending theatre enrichment classes.Children who take part in theatre grow up more imaginative and more interested in creating, as well as exhibit better communication skills along with social and emotional intelligence.

Cooking Class

Not everyone realizes how much cooking refines a journeymans conscientiousness, awareness of ones surroundings, emotional intelligence, multitasking capabilities and personal organization. Cooking might not involve advanced technology or literacy, but this seeming blue-collar task is undeniably intertwined with observation, inquiry, thinking, management, communication, and presentation, in that order.

Cultural programs are meant to give children a better grasp of whom they are and where their families come from. Multifaceted activities can help a pre-schooler sharpen his or her second language capabilities, and endow him or her with additional skills like calligraphy along the way. Culture appreciation classes develop within its participants a love for the arts, as well as a love for his or her own culture, through fun activities like pottery and painting, while his or her young mind is gradually making sense of the world. If your pre-schooler struggles with his or her mother tongue, a culture appreciation class might just be the most enjoyable solution.

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