How the Teaching Methods of Private school Differs from Normal schools

Private school Singapore uses the international baccalaureate system of teaching for their students. This involves an enquiry-based learning that is much more flexible than the general methods of learning that have been used in public schools for many years. This is a superior method of learning that helps the child understand what they are learning in a more application based method. The lessons are more integrated and the child is able to understand all of the subjects across the curriculum more easily. This method of teaching helps the students to take more responsibility for their learning, the processes that are involved and also the outcome of what they have learned. If you are looking for an private school to enroll your child in, do check out GESS International School for more information of their outstanding curriculum and teaching style.

The Theory of the Enquiring Minds Method

Adopting such a learning method empowers the students to gather knowledge through the things they see and touch. The students are allowed to explore and raised questions as they try to understand the different forces that help to shape their life. While reading books are a good way to attain knowledge, the theory of enquiring allows one to remember what was taught more effectively.

The Enquiry Cycle

The enquiry cycle adopts a four-stage method that helps both the students as well as the teachers to visualize the progress that they are making in that particular activity. These stages include

Initiating and elicitating

Defining and responding

Doing and making

Communicating, evaluating, and presenting

This model is effective for the teachers to monitor the progress of the child as compared to the last time they checked in. It allows the teachers to plan for the lesson in the following classes to sharpen the skills that the child is performing poorly in. At the end of the day, the success of the IB learning method that is being used in international preschools in Singapore is based on the extent to which the students are allowed to be the creators of their own knowledge that is relevant to them.

How Does This Method Of Teaching Differ From Others?

Most people assumes that the enquiring minds method of teaching just involves the teacher letting the student loose on their own devices to figure out what they can and learn what they want. But this is not true, this method of teaching requires very skilled teachers that know the basic aim of this method. The need to know how to incorporate the lessons that are mandatory in the curriculum of this form of learning. Unlike other schools where the teacher only lectures the students about the different topics and then takes an examination at the end of the term, this method requires constant evaluation and application so that the teacher knows the students have learned what was to be taught. The students are able to do this on their own terms and due to the fact that they are not pressurized with the stress of an exam, they are able to ask more questions and understand the topic at a deeper level. The subjects of these curriculum are the building blocks on which the students base their enquiries. Even simple questions like how school dinners can be improved will help the children learn topics such as the economy, history, geography, and also science. Most of the topic will need an interdisciplinary approach that helps the child learn many subjects through a single assignment.

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