Speech-Language Pathology, Speech-Language Pathologist

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What is Speech-Language Pathology

A speech therapist or speech-language pathologist are those professionals who have expertise in treating communication and swallowing problems among people. The therapist work with both adults and children in hospitals, schools and clinics. 

Working of Speech-Language Pathology, i.e., Speech-Language Pathologists:

A simple speech therapist does different duties, and each varies with the level of responsibilities each carries. Normally the work starts with proper diagnosis, and then treatment is planned. Thus, for an SLP, proper diagnosis of the problem is the first step towards the treatment plan. A treatment plan is about proper therapy sessions, keeping a record of the people, and evaluating their progress over time. 

Key work of the therapist include:

  • They help people in learning the correct sound of some words
  • They assist people in speaking easily and clearly
  • They share exercises that are prone to strengthen their muscles and help in swelling or speaking words
  • It also helps people to understand as well as say words which they otherwise find difficult to speak
  • The exercise and therapy also help people in putting together words and sentences which otherwise would be difficult to manage
  • The system of AAC, i.e., Alternative communication system, is provided to the individual with severe communication and language disorder
  • Assisting people in understanding how their families and patients themselves can very well manage the issue of stemming
  • The type of treatment with aural rehabilitation also improves the quality of life a person can live while having the hearing issue. 

The Requisite Training And Education For The Speech-Language Pathology:

The speech-language therapists or a simple speech therapist should have a degree in Masters, and the Council on Academic Accreditation should also accredit that in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. There are normal classes in the program that focus on the treatment of swallowing disorders and communication. Meanwhile, some sessions also require one to complete 375 hours of clinical experience.

In case you have completed your bachelor, you tend to go for the one-year fellowship program. This also includes the period of medical training. The working hours for this purpose are 1,260, and it has to be supervised by the clinically proven SLP. You have to clear the exam in the first place to become a certified SLP.

How Speech-Language Pathology Does The Treatment Of Speech Disorders?

SLP is specialized in providing hearing treatment techniques for individuals with hearing loss problems. These also include people with delayed speech, delayed development and swelling problems. The treatment is for disorders like:

Speech Disorder: 

This means an inability of the person in producing the right sound. The key example in this case is:


When the repetition and pauses break the flow of speech.


In this case, it becomes difficult for the muscles to speak properly. 


It is due to the weakness of the muscles owing to any injury in the brain or speech disorder

Speech-Language Pathology has to have proper expertise and Education for proper treatment of the speech disorder. A qualified speech therapist in Singapore should have the required experience and exposure to educate individuals and help them.

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